MONOPOLY®: Britney Spears


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Get in the zone with the “Princess of Pop” in this chart-topping edition of the classic family game! MONOPOLY®: Britney Spears takes players and fans on a musical journey through her most popular hits to buy, sell, and trade songs like “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, “Lucky”, and more! Tokens inspired by unforgettable music videos such as an astronaut, milkshake tray, and basketball take you around the board to rack up Gold Records and Platinum Records. Be the last one standing with hard-earned riches (until oops, you’ve bankrupted your friends again) to win!

- Game Board
- 6 Collectible Tokens
- 28 Title Deed Cards
- 16 "Curious" Cards
- 16 "Fantasy" Cards
- Money
- 32 Houses renamed Gold Records
- 12 Hotels renamed Platinum Records
- 2 Dice 
- Rules
Age: 8+
Players: 2-6 Players
Play Time: 60+ Min.